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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Huggies & Winnie The Pooh

At the end of last week I was thrilled to hear that I had won the opportunity for four to attend the screening of the latest Winnie the Pooh film with Huggies. Then I discovered it was to held at the Disney Headquarters in London with a lunch thrown in. Wow, how exciting!  The only problem for me is that I live in South Devon, miles from London...oh no.  I tried to consider the logistics of it all but there was no way we were going to be able to make it.  I hadn't realised it was in London when I entered.
Then I thought about it and who would love it as much as us. My Sisters little one is a bit young to sit through a whole film but some of my closest friends live just outside London. I asked Huggies if I could pass the prize over to them and they said yes. My friend was very excited as her Mum was staying so it would be a special treat for all of them.  As a bonus for me she has just started blogging so she agreed to write a post which I could feature on my page.

So here it is My First Guest Post written by the lovely Fiona at Mum In A Green World

I was having a rare evening out with my husband when I received THE text from my lovely friend Karen from Would Like To Be A Yummy Mummy. Karen won tickets to Disney Headquarters, Hammersmith, London for lunch and also to view the latest Winnie the Pooh film by entering a competition with Huggies. Unfortunately Karen couldn't make it, but she kindly donated her tickets to me and my girls, we were so excited:))

The day started early, me, my mum and my two girls Hannah and Jessica, we made our first ever trip into London by ourselves (i e without my husband, lol), so we were all very proud of ourselves and also impressed at how easy itwas.
Anyway, we arrived at Disney to the impressive reception, then we were greeted by the Huggies crew, who were so lovely and certainly made the day fun and perfect. We then went upstairs where we were greeted by Winnie, Piglet and Tigger, all very exciting, we had the most delicious lunch, then afterwards we went into the cinema and watched the Winnie the Pooh.  The film was excellent, it wasn't too long and I would highly recommend it to everyone, we will be purchasing a dvd for sure, my girls didn't take their eyes of the screen.

After the film ended we were all given a goody bag which ended the day perfectly, we all had a perfect day, and we want to say, thank you huggies and thank you Karen.

Aaahhh it looks as though they all enjoyed themselves doesn't it? Gorgeous photos! Despite being very sorry my family couldn't have enjoyed this special day, I honestly could not think of a more lovely family to pass it on to.

If you fancy checking out Fiona's blog you can find her at Mum In A Green World

She is also on twitter too and would appreicate some followers as she is very new to it.
Glad you all had fun and I love the photos. Thanks for the post Fiona and thanks again Huggies too, it was a fantastic prize!
Karen x