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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Feeling More Yummy With Whiter Teeth

Each Saturday I write a post about my mission to turn myself from a tired and frazzled mummy into a much more yummy one by trialling and reviewing new beauty, fitness and fashion products or accessories. These days I am feeling much happier with myself but I am far from perfect.

A few months ago I saw a photo of myself and thought my teeth looked like they needed whitening. I brought various whitening toothpastes but couldn't use them because they tasted awful, making me want to vomit. You know that horrible fishy taste some whitening products have....yuck!

Then three weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to trial RetarDex a whitening toothpaste and oral mouthwash. Of course I jumped at the chance, I would love to have the perfect Hollywood smile and RetarDex is  clinically proven to whiten teeth in only 14 days.

    So what is so different about these product's? 

    Unlike most products, RetarDex oral rinse whitens the teeth in two ways: (1) the powerful oxygen release formula lifts stains to leave the teeth brighter, whilst (2) the anti-plaque formula helps prevent further staining.  Most whitening mouthwashes only do the latter.

    As well as reducing staining from food and drink, you will also find that RetarDex:

    • Kills the bacteria that causes gum problems, tooth decay and plaque
    • Eliminate bad breath compounds (VSCs), keeping your breath fresh all day long
    • Strengthens enamel
    • Fights plaque

    For best results use the two products together as I have. The toothpaste is a low abrasion formula offering safe, gentle and clinically proven whitening, whilst keeping your breath fresh and gums healthy.

    So what did I think of RetarDex?

    I was surprised and pleased to discover that Retardex is actually an unflavoured clear mouthwash. However if you do like that fresh sensation of mint there is a flavour sachet which comes with the product. All you do is pour the contents in, tighten the lid and shake. I tried it both ways and the minty taste is very mild and not unpleasant at all.

    I have been using both the toothpaste and the oral mouth wash for two weeks now and have had surprising results.  My teeth are now noticeably whiter, in fact I have to keep looking at them in the mirror (even Husband has commented). As an added bonus my breath feels super fresh all day long. 

    Honestly it was so easy, I just brushed my teeth as usual twice a day and used the mouthwash too. No severe scrubbing or messing around with trays etc. required. I would give this product a huge 9/10 and recommend it to others.

    RetarDex oral rinse is priced at £5.10 (250ml) and £8.15 (500 ml) and the toothpaste costs £6.15 (75ml). 

    Whilst not cheap it does actually work and provides a truly whiter smile. These products are available from Boots and  selected Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose, Booths, Superdrug, Ocado as well as all good Pharmacies and dental surgeries.

    They are  currently offering £2 off the mouthwash at the moment so now might be a good time to try it, you can click here to buy at the reduced rate:

    I am going to continue using these products as they are definitely working and have helped make me feel more yummy. I might not yet have my Celebrity smile but I am well on my way. I may even post a photo in a few weeks time if they get even whiter!

    If you have any beauty, fitness or fashion tips of your own feel free to leave a comment below.
    Karen x