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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Gallery - Home

This weeks Gallery topic really got me thinking. You see, due to my Husbands job we have to move every few years and the accommodation comes with the job. We do own our own house and at times I wish we could live in it and spend time doing it up like other families do. Then there are the other times when we move somewhere really exciting and I don't mind at all.

I therefore decided to focus not on the house per se but rather what is in it.....

Before children I envisaged me with my perfect looking family and perfectly tidy looking home. Life would be sweet!

Then came my little baby and all the stuff they need.  Things like a mosses basket and bouncy chair could not be hidden in the bedroom as they needed to be out to be used. Still I managed to make them fit in without taking over. As my baby grew I introduced a small basket of toys which lived under the coffee table. Yes I had children but no that didn't mean they had to take over the house, anyone else recognise this? if so you probably know what is coming next.

Of course the toys got bigger and started to take over. We brought an exersaucer and Bumbo seat which then got switched for a play house, a kitchen and so on. Next Daughter number two arrived and we ended up with all the baby paraphernalia as well as the toddler toys. In fact we now have so many toys we have turned our Dinning room into a playroom. We never ate in there anyway, preferring to eat in the kitchen instead.

The thing is without all of our stuff our house would be exactly that, a house (alas a very tidy one) but filled with my family, toys, art work and all of our stuff, our house is a home.  It doesn't matter where in the World that house might be while we are in it, it is our home.

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Karen x