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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Reasons To be Cheerful

I love joining in with this blog hop. It always makes me feel good and I could do with a bit of cheerfulness now. This week it is being hosted over at Bod for tea another fantastic blog if you haven't already discovered it.

So why do I need cheering up? Well I have just enjoyed having my Husband home for 5 weeks and its been wonderful. The girls have loved it too. We have enjoyed valuable family time together, have got out and about visiting family and friends, have had day trips out, enjoyed beach days and Zoo days etc. But like all good things it has to end. He is back to work Monday. Not only is he back to work but he has to go to sea for 10 weeks! That means I am literally going to be a single parent Mum for 10 weeks!!

However, I am also a glass half full find of girl so I am going to focus on the positives and not get down.

1.  Husband being away means I can spend a bit more time on my  blog and tweet as much as I like in the evenings without comments about me being addicted. It also means that this will keep me sane and my lovely twitter friends will stop me from feeling too lonely on those long evenings.

2. It also means I might actually start to lose weight again. While Husband has been home, he has brought into the house all sorts of food we don't usually eat, has encouraged me to snack in the evenings, has treated us to goodies on all the said days out, and has made me so many cups of coffee I think I might need to detox next week. Without anything in the house to tempt me I am bound to lose weight and I might also start exercising again.

3. On a different note, Poppy has started preschool and loves it. It is based within a small village School and this year they have combined the reception and preschool into one class. She even has to wear a School grown up. Poppy is a very confident, happy 3 year old and I am sure she will thrive in this environment. I am really happy she loves it already.

Only just 3 but looks so grown up
So there you go. Three reasons to be cheerful when I could just be sad and miserable.

Karen x