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Monday, 12 September 2011

Promoting National Eczema Week

Did you know that this week is National Eczema Week? I only found out about it last week when I was asked to trial and review some products for my family. Basically the National Eczema society are busy raising awareness of eczema and the effects it has on peoples lives. You can find out more about ways they are doing this here

As I have mentioned many times on here, both my little girls suffer from eczema and I do too. Poppys is the worst.  She is prone to fair ups on her face, tops of arms, stomach and back. She has had it since birth.  Rosie has begun to develop it over the past few months. She has it on the tops of her arms and face too.  I am pretty stable at the moment but again I am prone to flair ups. In the past I have had it all over but nowadays it tends to be the tops of my arms, face and neck.

I have always been very careful with the products I use including toiletries and washing detergents. I discovered one of the best products for the girls was Baby Aveeno (which I have not yet found  available in the UK). Once my supply ran out when Rosie was about 6 months old I switched to the Baby Bees range by Burt's which is really gentle and smells nice too.  If I use the traditional baby products they tend to set them off. There is nothing worse than seeing your little ones scratch their skin until it is red rore!

As I mentioned at the start I have been asked to review some products to help support National Eczema Week and raise its awareness. The package only arrived today but I was very impressed with this generous bundle of goodies and am keen to get trialing them:
I have been sent two products for the girls to try: Barefoot SOS Daily rich body lotion and a A-DERMA cleansing oil for the face and body. I have also EAU THERMALE Avène cleanser and moisteriser for myself which I am looking forward to trying soon. I am currently in the process of reviewing other products for me that I will tell you about later this week.

You will have to watch this space to see how we get on.

Karen x