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Friday, 23 September 2011

Messy Play Gets Children Talking

With Poppy going to Pre-School for her 15 hours a week and asking to go more often, I am keen to make sure we still do lots of fun things at home.  At School she has been learning all about Autumn so I decided to carry on the theme and get her talking about what she has learnt as well being creative.

First we collected a big pile of leaves on the way home from School:

A few of the leaves we collected

Next, once her Sister went up for her afternoon nap, we chose some bright coloured card and stuck the leaves to it using gloopy glue:

Miss Independent doing it all herself
Finally we painted our creation:

Using all different colours including ones we mixed ourselves

One for us and one for her Teacher
Next we did some sponge painting, hand painting and I showed her how to make a butterfly by folding the paper in half, painting one side of the butterfly and then closing the paper and rubbing it so the paint completed the picture:

Some of our creations

We had a lovely time and Poppy could not help but tell me all that she has been learning about at School instead of the usual "I've forgot/ I can't remember".

Poppy loves doing anything creative and in the two weeks she has been at School I have not done things like this at home with her. We used to do something like this at least three times a week! I have realised that I need to ensure that I do not just leave messy play for School, I want her to know we have just as much fun at home too.

Karen x