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Monday, 14 March 2011

Ear defenders and Doctors bags!

The Husband was home this weekend.  He took one look at my pale white face and dark circles under my eyes, sent me off to bed and took over with the girls.  So with my huge Army issue ear defenders on (no I am not joking!!) I slept the weekend away.  Each time I got up, he sent me back.  So now fully rested, I am finally feeling human again today and will be getting back on track with my blog.

Now, while I was poorly, little Poppy did make me laugh.  She kept wrapping me up in a blanket and getting her Doctors bag out. She was very concerned about me and one morning whilst on the toilet said "what's wrong with you mummy, are you poorly?"  I told her I was and she said " I will sort you out in a minute with my Doctors bag, just as soon as I've done a pooh!". Even when feeling like death, my little girl can make me smile 

Karen x

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  1. Ah so cute, she likes looking after Mummy! makes it all worth it doesn't it :-)