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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Is my cooking really that bad?

We have had a lovely day today.  Lots of fresh air as previously posted, followed by lots of playing.  For Poppy this meant play dough, fuzzy felts, colouring and baking coconut macaroons.  While for Rosie this meant lots of tickles and giggles, hide and seek under a blanket, banging toys, building towers (Mummy) and knocking them down (Rosie).

Then came Supper time.  Tonight they had cheese and tomato omelette with sweet potato wedges.  Sounds okay.  Both girls love sweet potato mashed and as I had a few to use up I thought I would try wedges for a change.  Poppy was tucking into hers.  She ate all the omelette, half the wedges and was just telling me she wanted strawberries for pudding when she vomited right onto her place...yuck gross!   Was my cooking really that bad? Since then she has been fine, drank a cup of milk and life goes on.  She told me she enjoyed her Supper and is not poorly so what was the problem?  This is not normal behaviour in our household, so I have no idea what was wrong.  Was something off? Did she just eat too much? Rosie gobbled hers down, finished it off with a kiwi and is as happy as anything so it couldn't have been the eggs!  I guess I will never know.

Karen x

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