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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wall art and hand paints

The new playroom is turning out to be a great success, its a great hit with the whole family. Even little Rosie is loving it.

The walls are a blank canvass at the moment but the plan is get some of their own art work up so today we did exactly that. Poppy has been learning about Spring at Nursery so we thought we would follow the theme with a spring time collage. We raided my old scrapbooking box and she ripped and stuck away happily using all sorts of flowery paper and card. She had great fun and this was the finished picture:

Next we did some hand painting:

Even Rosie joined in:

We did make a bit of a mess, but luckily Mummy didn't mind:

I can't wait for it to dry now and get it up. So far we have one picture in a frame:

I have also ordered a cute little table and chairs for the girls to play at. Rosie might be a bit small now but she won't be for long!

Watch this space for more updates and photos.

Karen x

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