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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mummy needs exercise so the children do too!

On Monday I announced my new diet and exercise plan. Today is Day 4 and so far the diet has been going pretty well. Up until today I had not yet begun my exercise though.

So today I had a sudden impulse to do some. I decided not to wait until the girls were in bed but instead to do it while they were up and get them involved hee hee. So I put Rosie in the baby bouncer opposite me on my cross trainer and Poppy bless her ran up and down the hallway. The girls thought this was great fun and giggles were coming from both of them. Rosie was going mad jumping up and down and Poppy must have run quite a distance as we have a long hallway. We managed to do half an hours exercise this way. Both girls then flopped and went off to bed for their afternoon nap and I am left feeling rather pleased with myself. I think this might be the way forward!

Recently I have been suffering from extreme tiredness and lack of energy. There is no way I could have gone on the cross trainer for half an hour last week! However, on Monday I started taking Boots re-energise boost tablets. Apparently they are a multi vitamin "which provides both a mental and physical lift". I don't know if its the diet, the vitamins or a mix but there is a definite improvement in my energy levels. Shane told me last night that I was looking different and had a good colour to my cheeks he hadn't seen for a while! (husbands words for you have been looking pale and pasty looking lately). Anyway, whatever the reason I am feeling better, have lots more energy and am hoping will soon be a bit slimmer! Keep a look out for more updates.

Karen x


  1. That sounds super: the fun the girls had, comments from DH and the increased energy.

    We have a Lindam Door Bouncer and struggled with that Tigger one when we borrowed it in January in Ireland. Aaron went to bang his head on the doorframe. I guess they're best in the one that they are used to.

    Liska x

  2. We brought our Tigger one in Canada where we lived when Poppy was young. It is slightly different to the one sold over here and comes up higher than the UK one. The girls have loved it! But you are right and they all prefer the things they are used to x