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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Fresh air and improved moods

After an awful day yesterday, the ringing in my ears has died down and I decided a bit of fresh air would do my girls the world of good. So the doors have been thrown open today and we have been enjoying a bit of English sunshine on a crisp fresh day.  It started with Mummy and Poppy time, which is when Rosie has her morning nap.

First I taught Poppy to play Hopscotch. I'm not really sure she got it but she is only two and a half!

Next we washed down the slide and did some sliding!

Then we picked up lots of leaves in our bucket.

Then we tipped them out again.

Then we had a snack and a rest.

The result....two happier little girls and that means a happier Mummy too!

I love bright sunny days and fresh air and obviously so do my girls.

Karen x

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