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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Family Wedding and pretty dresses

Wow, this weekend has been a very busy but lovely one.  It was a family Wedding, a time for sharing in their special day, and a definite reason to get all dressed up in pretty clothes and have a party. 

 It was particularly exciting for our two year old:

However, being little means you can't see much in Church.  Luckily her older Cousin Olivia was on hand to help out with keeping her occupied!!

The girls could not wait for the party to start... they started dancing in the street:

Shane was one of two  Best Men.  Here he is with David  looking very happy and relaxed here:

And of course the Bride looked beautiful.. I absolutely loved her dress:

However, going to a Wedding with a children is exhausting.  As you can see from this photo, Mummy was frazzeled at the start!!

All in all, the Wedding was beautiful, it was a perfect day and seemed to go smoothly.  Everyone had fun and it was great to catch up with family we had not seen in a while.  

Karen x

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