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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Made having two look hard work!

I haven't written anything for a while as been really poorly.  We have all had this awful cold with chesty cough, it doesn't sound that bad but I felt as though I was dying! It is so hard looking after poorly children when you feel so poorly yourself.

Last time I wrote, I mentioned I was off to see my Sister and her family.  Just before we left we decided that we all had coughs and colds and we were not going to cancel because if we did we would never see each other.  One of the children always has something! It was lovely to see them all and we really enjoyed ourselves.  Donna and I even got a break when Shane took the older ones to the jungle gym for an hour.  It was lovely.  We did a little bit of shopping and even had time for a Starbucks... luxury!

However, on Saturday night, my cough was really bad and kept waking the children.  Once awake, they too began coughing.  After not much sleep we were all tired and grumpy on Sunday.  I think I may have put my Sister and Brother-in-Law off having two, I made it look like such hard work.  

Talking about hard work, nobody really prepared me for how much harder it is with two in the beginning.  Everyone says the second is easier.  Now I found one pretty easy.  With the help of the Baby Whisperer I got her into a routine pretty quickly so naively thought I would have no trouble with two....wrong!  
Nobody tells you that at the start when one is asleep the other is awake so you don't get a break or that when you are feeding one the other will need a "wee wee now...urgently".  We are now at the stage where they both have a sleep in the afternoon so I get a well deserved break.  They also sleep through the night unless teething or unwell, like at the moment.  

Karen x

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