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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My baby girl is growing up...she is 1 today!

Dear Rosie,

Wow, I cannot believe it but you are one today already.  The time has flown by. Its amazing how much you have changed, from this:

1 week old

To this:

1 year old

You have been been a fantastic baby only crying when hungry, dirty or in pain because of your teeth. You have been no trouble at all, a happy, content little girl who giggles and smiles away most of the time.  You are a little shy with strangers at first but this soon passes and you are a bit of a Mummy's girl too.

At the moment you are busy pulling yourself up on everything and walking around the furniture.  You also have several of those push along first walking toys and love them.

Today we went to the Zoo.  You had great fun and because it was a lovely sunny day all the animals were out.  You were pointing your little chubby finger at everything and shouting to your sister to look too.

Look at the ape in the background

This afternoon Daddy finished work early and we had a picnic tea with birthday cake.  Poppy had picked a chocolate Caterpillar cake for you..I thought you wouldn't like it because you have not had anything like that before but you loved it and wolfed it down looking for more!  I should have know really because you love your food.  There isn't anything you don't like...Daddy says if I gave you marbles you would eat them and say "yummy, thanks Mummy" (if you could talk of course).

This was your second taste of Birthday cake, your first was on Sunday.  We saw Nanny, Gramps, Aunty D, Uncle Jim & William at the weekend and had a little celebration lunch together before heading home.  It was lovely and you had great fun!

Party at Aunty D's

Here are a few more pictures of you today.

Opening your Birthday dress

The ball pit

Your 1st ice cream (usually you get an empty cornet)!

The greedy goat
 (It managed to open my bag & find Marmite rice cakes)

Lots of pressies

Sharing your new toys with your Sister 

Looking forward to watching you grow up but missing the baby you were already.

Love you sweetheart

Mummy xxx