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Monday, 20 February 2012

Advice Required On Maternity Bras

Okay, at 18 weeks pregnant my body is changing shape and I can tell I need to get measured for some new bras. They are fine during the day but by the evening they are starting to feel uncomfortable and I cant wait to get them off.

In my past two pregnancies I wore the soft cup maternity ones right from the start. However, this time round I have been much more reluctant to give up my under wire. To be honest, I am terrified the 3rd pregnancy and feeding again might finish them off and cause them to become droopy!

So what do you recommend? Are there any makes out there that you love or perhaps you have tried  under wire maternity bras. I would value your opinion.

I want something that is pretty and girly - ideally not plain black or white, comfortable and most importantly supportive. So far, I have not found it. It doesn't help that I live in the middle of nowhere so am unable to get to a decent shop. 

Oh and at a reasonable price would be nice too. The only  ones I have found and love cost a fortune so I could only afford one set. I think I need at least two.

Not my bump.....I borrowed it from Google Images

This gorgeous bra is the Nougatine Nursing Bra from Amoralia - Winner of Junior Pregnancy & Baby's best Nursing bra. 

Please help.

Karen x