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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Listography - Mugs

I haven't joined in with this linky for a while but when I saw this rather bizarre title I just wanted to this week.

You see I love Mugs and have a few faves.

The first two were a Christmas present from a very good friend years ago. They are from the Disney Store and I love them!! I cannot believe I have not yet broken them either. The first is mine and the second Husband seems to have taken as his but they are both mine really:

This next one is perfect for hot chocolate! My Sister brought it for me a few years ago full with chocolate powder, sprinkles and mini marshmallows....perfect! It was a bit hard to get the picture in ficus but there are lots of children on it, two who look a bit like we did:


Next up is the one my Sister brought me for my Hen night. When I got married I wanted to feel just like a Princess and I did:

Finally, we have a range of spotty and stripy cups in these bright colours. They are a bit small though so we usually save them for guests who don't want a huge mug. Husband brought himself this big chunky one to match the others but in man size. I love it for soup:

So are you going to join in? Lots of others already have.

Karen x