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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cooking With Little Ones

For some reason Poppy has been really homely recently and wants to stay home rather than go out and about. To keep her busy we have been doing lots of cooking and she is really getting into it. Even Rosie has great fun joining in.

For Christmas the girls were given a New Annabel Karmel Book:

Its a great book and we have been trying some tasty but easy recipes. Today we made Aranciini. These are lovely little balls, made with risotto rice and with a delicious melted cheese centre:

These were quite tricky for little ones to make but we got there in the end. Poppy picked the recipe. We do not tend to eat fried food in this house so I wasn't sure what we would make of them but they were  really good and went down well with all of us.

For pudding we enjoyed a lovely fruit brulee. To be honest I think they could have done with a little longer under the grill but they were pretty good. Somewhere we have one of those blow torches but could I find it? Shame!

Both girls helped with this and it was pretty easy to make and quite delicious:

I really enjoy cooking with the girls and feel as though I am teaching them important life skills.  Poppy also eats more when she has cooked it herself. There is none of the usual fuss resulting in her picking bits out, instead she happily sits there munching away.

Karen x

This is in no way a sponsored post we were given the book as a present and are just having fun with it!