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Friday, 17 February 2012

Pretty Little Things - A Cot Fit For A Princess

Another week and another pretty little thing to show off.

This week the title is A Cot/Bed Fit For A Prince/ Princess.

As soon as I became pregnant I knew exactly which cot I wanted. It was the one my friend had, the Stokke Sleepi. Advertised as "shaped like Mummy's tummy' it is round rather than the usual rectangle cots you can get.

A very girly girl who hates straight lines and loves curves, it was perfect! We did actually get the canopy for it soon after poppy arrived but I cant find any photos of it on, despite knowing  I have taken lots. The bottom middle one has it on but its not a close up. It is so pretty so its a shame I cant show it off at its prettiest:

The cot grows with your little one and Rosie is still in it now. Only for a while though as I will be kicking her out ready to make it small again for our new arrival (sorry sweetie, I love you and will replace it with a beautiful new big girls bed)!

If baby number three happens to be a boy this time I will be buying the blue and white spotted bumper and sleep sack for them to update it and make it more boy looking!

I love this cot and am so pleased we brought it. It really is the prettiest cot ever, definitely fit for a Prince or Princess!

Karen x