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Monday, 13 February 2012

My Week That Was....

Another full and busy week in our house, I cannot believe we are half way through February already.

Monday was a usual Monday. Poppy went to School all day and I spent the morning playing with Rosie.

Then whilst she napped I cleaned! Although I clean everyday (sometimes 2-3 times), its the day I go right through top to bottom and I felt really good afterwards.

Tuesday we went to the usual toddler group at the School. I love catching up with the other Mums there and the girls had great fun making Valentines cards for their Daddy (shsshh don't tell him though).

Wednesday was an awful day. I woke up with a terrible migraine and vomited. I have no idea how I got Poppy to School but I did. Luckily she was there all day which meant when Rosie napped so did I ...a lovely 3 hours later I felt slightly better!

Thursday - Poppy went to School in the morning where they went on a "bear hunt" down to the creek. She was full of it when she got back, so excited that she had spotted a cuddly black teddy bear. They have been reading the book at school and as part of the project made binoculars and maps to take with them. They were supposed to have a teddy bears picnic too but it was far too cold.

During the  afternoon she was really tired so we cuddled up on the sofa and watched Disney films.

Friday we headed off for the usual music group. Unfortunately only 1 Mum and their little one turned up so we didn't run it after all. I wasn't surprised though as it was really wet and soggy. We had a little chat and let the children play for a bit before leaving though. The girls and I headed back then and enjoyed making Daddy a cake as a surprise.:

Saturday started off with the usual ballet lesson:

which went really well. Then we all headed over to Totnes to pick up the pottery goodies we painted last week. Poppy was over the moon with her little frog:

He now proudly sits on the fireplace where she keeps going to have a look at him and check he is safely out of Rosie's reach.

After that we had a wonder around Dartington where there were some gorgeous craft and toy shops. It was lovely but a bit cold so we stopped for some lunch before heading home.

Sunday was a lovely lazy day. It started off with a little lie in followed by breakfast in our bed for all of us. Poppy came in at 8am and I went and got Rosie whilst Daddy went off to make us all toasted bagels, tea for us adults and warm milk for the girls. We put Cbeebies on which meant we got to stay in bed a little longer..bliss.

Later when Rosie was down for her afternoon nap, I took Poppy out. We stopped for a drink and I enjoyed this lovely hot chocolate:

Poppy took one look at it and said "wow Mummy, that's the biggest babyccino ive ever seen". Such a cutie.  We enjoyed a lovely wonder around the shops and ended up in our favourite toy shop where I treated the girls to a little pressie each:

They felt totally spoilt and I enjoyed treating them. When we got back Husband cooked a lovely roast dinner which we all enjoyed.

Overall a lovely week.

Karen x