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Monday, 6 February 2012

Everythings Rosie - Greatest Show In The Garden and Other Shows DVD Review

Today sees the launch of the new Everythings Rosie - Greatest Show in the Garden and Other Shows DVD and we were thrilled to be one of the first few to see it.

This Cbeebies series is very special to us because back when I was pregnant with our second little girl, Husband wanted to call her Rosie all along but I liked the name Freya. As my pregnancy developed, Poppy and I settled into a lovely morning routine where we would sit and have a snack and cuddle, watching Everythings Rosie.  Hearing the name every day made it grow on me and so when our little one was born and Husband asked "please can we call her Rosie?" I gave in.

Each episode attracts over 5 million viewers per episode making it one of the biggest hits on Cbeebies today.

This fantastic DVD features over 2 hours and 13 episodes of Everythings Rosie including:

Raggles and The Reporter
How To Teach A Bear To Meet The Queen
The Curious Story of Holly and The Four Bears
How Will Got His Wings
Things That Go Glug In The Night
How To Catch An Echo
The Call of The Wind
The Mystery of the Four Feathers 
Little Bear
How Rosie Mislaid Her Raggles
The Greatest Show In The Garden
The Slowest Race That Ever There Was
Skipping Bears, Talking Trees and Knitted Nests

I like the fact that whilst Rosie and her friends Raggles, Oakley, Big Bear, Blue Bird, Holly and Will embark on a range of adventures, the overall moral is that everything is easier with your friends. None of them are perfect but by putting others first and working together they always sort everything out.

As soon as the upbeat theme tune comes on my little ones hold hands and happily dance around the floor, then sit down quietly memorised when the show begins. In fact it is one of the few programmes I can put on and little Rosie will sit quietly.  She is not one of those children that likes to sit still and is not really that interested in the TV usually. 

Rosie loves the character  Rosie best with Raggles coming a close second whilst Poppy finds it difficult to choose her favourite. She  loves the series, and all of the characters and I must admit I am quite fond of it too.

The colours are bright and cheery, the morals are subtle and effective and the characters are all very different.  Its light hearted, cheerful and fun for Preschoolers and their families.

A definite hit in this house. If you want to get your hands on a copy they are available from for £6.99.

Karen x