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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fun And Games This Afternoon

Thursday afternoons are officially Mummy/Poppy time. With no Preschool or toddler groups, Poppy is home and little Rosie has a nice long nap for about 3 hours. This means we have lots of time to play!

Traditionally these afternoons are messy and we usually end up baking or painting and gluing. Today however, Poppy was not feeling 100% (she is a bit run down and has a bit of a cold ). Instead of doing the usual activities, she chose to get some games out that are usually hidden away when her Sister is around!

One of her favourite games is Family Lacing a fantastic wooden threading toy from Djeco. We brought it as a Christmas present from Toyjeanius and it has brought hours of fun. We would definitley reccomend it to others and she couldn't wait to get it out.

Basically the set includes 16 colourful wooden pieces, 4 bright coloured laces and 12 cards. The aim is that you copy the designs on the pictures.  It is aimed at 3+ and Poppy is able to do it pretty well. The pieces are a good size for little hands and fingers and the the holes are wide enough for them to thread the lace through. She grasped the idea quickly and easily and has great fun with it.

Here she is today:

Another great wooden Toy that gets the thumbs up from this house.

We also played with several other games and puzzles and Poppy enjoyed a lovely afternoon. She is lapping up the attention from this designated special time with me. I do play with her everyday but just knowing she has special time with me alone seems to be making all the difference.

Karen x