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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Playing With a 19 Month Old - What We Get Up To

I am always going on about what Poppy and I get up to on Mummy/Poppy afternoons whilst Rosie is napping but never talk about what Rosie and I get up to. So today I thought I would.

Monday and Wednesday Poppy goes to Preschool all day 9-3pm, Rosie naps for a few hours in the afternoon but we have the whole morning together playing. We also have Thursday mornings together too.

Rosie loves nursery rhymes and has me singing to her lots. Sometimes she tries to join in, other times she dances and pretty often she will get the musical instruments out. Such a sweetie:

We also do lots of reading together and she loves stories. She will bring me a book, happily climb into my lap before settling back and snuggling in for a cuddle. I love this time and she listens really well. She will also point out all the things she knows like animals, cups, plates, flowers etc. telling me what they are. At 19 months her speech is coming on really well now and she soaks up information like a little sponge:

She likes to play with the toy kitchen lots too and will happily play for ages making me cakes and cups of tea.  She gets really excited when I pretend to eat and drink them and her face lights up:

She also loves to play with puzzles and although not great at them yet she does try very hard. Her favourite ones are these that we brought for Christmas from Toyjenaius:

We play with them for ages!

However, her absolute favourite thing to do at the moment is to play with her dolls. Poppy never really played with dolls much but we do have several of them plus a little Mamas and Papas pram, bouncer and high chair set. Rosie will play with them for ages. She gets me putting a nappy on and off the babies whilst she feeds, cuddles and pushes them around.  Very cute:

So as you can see we have lots of good quality time together.

I must admit though when she knows we are off to collect her Sister her little face lights up and she gives her the biggest cuddle ever when she comes out of the School door.

Karen x