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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Gallery - Me Right Now

For one reason and another I haven't joined in with The Gallery for a while. But when I sat down and switched on my laptop, I spotted this weeks title and decided to participate.

After a morning out at a toddler group at my Husbands work, I had just put Rosie down for a nap and sat down myself.  Its not the best picture in the world but after about 20 attempts I finally managed to get my head in the photo (rather than my boobs, feet, hands, sofa etc).

So here I am:

Yes, definitely not the best picture in the world! I might need to get Husband to take a few more me with the girls as I haven't been in many of my photos recently. I might even be daring and take some of my teeny tiny bump!

For more pics head over to Sticky Fingers and join in the fun.

Karen x