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Monday, 20 February 2012

My Week That Was....

This week has been half term and wow what a busy week we have had. We have enjoyed lazy lie ins every morning and the week has passed in a blur.

Monday  Poppy asked if we could stay home today so we enjoyed a lovely lazy day. We got the paint pens out and went through a huge pile of paper and did lots of cooking. We surprised Daddy with a three course meal tonight: home made brushetta  (we even made the bread ourselves), tomato and chilli pasta and a delicious home made trifle for pudding. It went down well with all of us.

Tuesday It was Valentines Day and Husband woke me up really early with a lovely card and box of chocolates. It was a nice start to the day.

It was quite bright this morning so we decided to get all the outside toys out. The girls helped me wash them all down and then we played until I decided it was too cold. The girls were having so much fun with their little slide that  I felt awful bringing them in so brought the slide inside too, much to their amusement.

During the afternoon we baked Daddy some Valentines cupcakes which went down well.

Wednesday Husband had the morning off work today so we decided to go to the beach. It was dry but cold so we only stayed a while, the girls had great fun though. Poppy enjoyed collecting lots of stones in her bucket and throwing them in the sea whilst Rosie enjoyed filling her bucket with sand.

Thursday The girls both had to have some injections this morning which wasn't nice. During the afternoon both were quite wingy and by the evening Rosie was really unwell. Not a good day!

Friday Husband had the day off work today which was a lovely bonus. We all enjoyed a lovely lie in and Daddy even went and got milk for the girls and coffee for us adults so we could stay in bed a little longer....bliss.

We did plan on going shopping and getting a few bits we needed but by the time we got to town we were hungry. We ended up enjoying pizza hut for lunch, after which the girls were tired and wanted to come home so we did. I ended up doing my shopping on-line and we all enjoyed a relaxing afternoon which included painting and play dough..

Saturday Rosie really wasn't well so we stayed home. She just wanted to be attached to me which meant lots of sitting down and cuddling her. I ended up putting some DVDs on and just chilling which was quite nice really.

When Rosie was down for her long nap, Poppy and I did some cooking and jigsaw puzzles. Then when Rosie got up she joined in. We made a really yummy tea:

Sunday Husband had to work today so the girls and I headed off to the park. We all had great fun and even met up with some other Mums and children we know.

Rosie still wasn't well so we headed home for lunch and her afternoon nap. Whilst she was sleeping Poppy and I made soup, bread and cheesecake for tea....delicious!

Over all the week has passed in a blur of cooking, painting and play dough. I think we might need to cut back a bit on puddings as we have over indulged a bit but it has been great fun and Poppy has enjoyed herself.

Back to normality though next week.

Karen x