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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Gender Prediction and Old Wives Tales

Keen to discover if this baby I am carrying is a little boy or girl I have been going through all the old wives tales to see if I can find out.

Now I don't really mind one way or the other, I just want to buy something in the relevant pink or blue.

I have tried:

1. The Chinese Gender Chart - based on the Mothers Chinese age at the time of conception and the month the baby was conceived, it works out your babies gender. This actually worked out for both Poppy, Rosie and many of my friends.   Boy

2. Heart rate - I have heard the babies heart rate and it was 146 beats per minute. Apparently under 140 beats is thought to be a boy and over 140 beats is a girl.   Girl

3. I've completed the old wives tales questionnaire this asks lots of questions about how you are feeling and how your pregnancy is developing  Boy

4. The wedding ring test - you know the one when you take a piece of your hair, place your wedding ring on it and hold it above your tummy. This one didn't really work for me because. first it swung backwards and forwards and then it  went round and round......strange  ??

5. Hair growth - well the hairs on my legs seem to be growing much more rapidly then usual - Boy

6. Cravings - Apparently sweet cravings = a girl and sour cravings a boy. I have been fancying quite sweet food lately but have also been living off tomatoes on toast, peanut butter on toast and bagels which are quite plain! Girl?

7. Morning sickness - the more severe = a boy. I really haven't had it that bad and felt worse in the evening  Girl

8. The nub theory  If you havent heard of this one before you have to look at your 12 week scan picture. Here's mine:

Its hard to tell but I am guessing Boy?

So as you can see the results are mixed and I am no closer to knowing..

I guess I will just have to wait till my next scan on March 6th and hope my baby is in a position to see.

Fingers crossed!

Karen x