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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Winter Food To Warm You Up

We have had great fun this week cooking for Daddy.  I think he has enjoyed coming home to lots of tasty new meals and has definitely loved the puddings.

Today we used two recipes from friends blogs. As soon as I spotted them , I knew I would have to try them.

First up was a Spicy Chorizo , Tomato and Chickpea Soup from Clare over at A Home In The Highlands. Clare used to be my next door neighbour when we lived in  Canada. Her blog is a great crafty one but she also writes about life as a Forces wife and a Mum to her new baby boy. You should check it out!

Anyway back to her was all going well until I realised that I had no cabbage, spinach or celery. They had actually been on the shopping list this morning and I had even been down that isle in Sainsburys. However, I was easily distracted and ended up buying apples, mango and bananas....whoops pregnancy brain again.

Anyway, I had to make do with what veggies we had so added some carrots, broad beans and a few peas. Here's the result:

Husband said it was great but the girls weren't so keen. We served it with some fresh home made tomato and herb bread.

I couldn't taste it as vegetarian but Husband loves chorizo so i'm the best wife!

Next up was a Chocolate and Honeycomb Ceesecake from Amy over at Crafty Mama  Sanchez. This is a relatively new but fantastic blog with lots of lovely crafty ideas and great recipes. Definitely worth a look.

Now her cheesecake looked amazing and she mentions that you can divide the recipe by 3 to make 4 small servings which we did.

Now I don't like cheesecake base as I don't like butter so instead of just leaving it out in mine I tried mixing the digestives with doesn't work!!

The actual cheesecake was gorgeous though and we topped it with melted chocolate, the home made honeycomb which was delicious and some white chocolate stars.....a poppy touch!

Not quite as impressive as hers but delicious nonetheless.

After a day out in the cold, Husband was happy!

Karen x