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Saturday, 4 February 2012

More Ballet fun & Babyccinos

Poppy and I enjoyed a lovely morning this morning. First I took her to ballet lesson which she loves. She has  been reading lots of ballerina stories lately and has really got interested in it, telling anyone who will listen she is going to be a Prima Ballerina and she practises really hard.

To make her feel even more like a real ballerina I treated her to this gorgeous new tutu this week:

Move Dancewear
She felt very pretty and couldn't wait to show off her twirling.

I also took a little video of her too:

She is such a cutie.

After her lesson we needed to stop at Sainsburys where Poppy asked for a babyccino, she has been so good recently I thought it was a lovely idea so we had a quick stop. I enjoyed a coffee too and we shared a blueberry muffin....yummy!

What a lovely morning. We are all off out in a bit for the afternoon so watch out for lots more photos later.

Karen x