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Saturday, 11 February 2012

What Is A Good Parent?

Someone close to me has had a bit of a hard time recently and has questioned how good a parent they really are. They are of course, fabulous parents but it did get me thinking that at some point we all have  a little wobble and wonder are we doing it right?

So what is a good parent?

Is it getting your children to sleep through the night?

Is it having well behaved children you can take out in public?

Maybe its one who has strict rules and well disciplined children,

or maybe one that that just has lots of fun and plays with their children.

Perhaps it is just showing your children how much they are loved and always being on hand to give the required cuddles and kisses.

What do you think?

I think that Husband and I are doing our very best to be the best possible parents we can. We might not always get it right or do it the way others do but we work together as a team and stick by each other.

We want our girls to grow up happy and confident, feeling loved and special, believing they are gorgeous and clever and that they can do anything they want to if they work hard enough.

We have used baby whisper techniques to help us understand our children and get them into a good routine. For us, it was important that they grew up to eat and sleep well as we believe these are two of the most important factors in having happy, well behaved children.

We discipline our children using a naughty cushion, we would never ever smack them. We do not want out children to grow up scared or frightened of us or worse still, go on to treat others violently. We want them to be kind, well manored and to respect others.

We make sure we play with our children lots, we get down on the floor and make a mess, we get crafty, make cakes or bring leaves in from outside to paint.  We might not be that good at it but we try.

We have lots of family days out, many that don't cost anything like trips to the beach, walks in the park or jumping in puddles. We cuddle up on the sofa every evening after bath time for story time, where we read book after book until bedtime.

We give our girls lots of kisses and cuddles daily, we tickle them, spin them round and make them giggle but most of all we tell them how much they are loved.

So are we good parents? I like to think so. We might not be perfect but we are definitely doing our very best and I think that's all any of us can do.

Karen x