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Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 1 Of Half Term - A Relaxing Fun Filled Day

The first day of half term and we not only survived it by but have actually  enjoyed a lovely day.

I must admit when Husband fist told me he was working all week, including the weekend I panicked a bit. What on earth was I going to do with the girls all week? I thought about going to visit my parents but they are looking after my Nana. She has been really poorly lately and despite loving the girls, she is not up to being invaded by us all.

So what did we do?

Well we didn't get up until 8am so we were all in a happy relaxed mood. We enjoyed a leisurely morning staying in our pjs longer than usual.  The girls were thrilled to not have to rush around and Poppy actually asked if we could not go anywhere today and just stay home.

The girls were really good, playing brilliantly together while I rushed through the usual Monday cleaning jobs. I could hear their little giggles  all around the house as I did my jobs.

Next we did some painting with the paint pens. Both girls enjoyed themselves and had great fun. We went through a huge pile of paper:

Whilst Rosie was napping this afternoon, Poppy and I did some baking.  First we made a trifle:

Next we made fresh tomato and herb bread:

Later we sliced some of the bread and made brushetta:

Husband was very pleased to come home to a three course meal...brushetta, pasta with tomato and chilli sauce and trifle. He felt very spoilt and was impressed that Poppy had helped make it all.Both girls ate a good meal and thought the trifle was the best thing ever!

I love days like this. Everyone is happy and I feel like a good Wife and Mummy.

Wonder what we will do tomorrow.

Karen x