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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Painting Pottery At China Blue,Totnes

This afternoon we headed off out for some family fun. With the weather being cold and miserable we decided somewhere warm was required and found the perfect place.... China Blue, Devon Ceramics in Totnes.

We have driven past it before on several occasions and have been meaning to pop in and see what its all about, but until today hadn't been. I am really glad we did though.

There is a warm welcoming feeling, lots of pretty things to look at and a very laid back atmosphere. Despite having lots of pretty and breakable things around, I did not feel like the children were getting glared at and although I kept a close eye on them, I was pretty relaxed.

The girls were keen to get painting and the staff quickly explained the options. We had a choice of using either poster paints, which would dry quickly, have a matt finish and we could take our goods home today or we could use ceramic glaze paints which looked nicer, were water proof but we would have to return in a week to collect them. We settled on the latter.

We let the girls pick some items to paint. Poppy chose this little frog and lovingly painted it in a variety of bright colours:

Whilst Rosie set to work painting this square tile. We are going to turn it into a coaster:

Daddy also got stuck in by painting Rosie's hand and doing her hand print on another tile before carefully painting her name and age:

Husband and I would have happily sat there painting but with two girls and messy paints you cant concentrate on anything for long.

These were the results of our hard work. We just have to wait until we can collect them next week to see what the complete finished results are like:

There was also a lovely cafe complete with lots of big comfy chairs and sofas where we all enjoyed a nice cold drink, afterall painting was thirsty work.

I must admit it is the type of place Husband and I could have relaxed in for ages but it was surrounded by lots of shelves of goodies and breakables which the girls kept wanting to touch. So not so relaxing with children!

All in all a great afternoon out and I wouldn't be surprised if family members got presents from here in the future.  Would recommend it for something to do.

Karen x