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Monday, 6 February 2012

My Week That Was.....

This week has been a bit of a mixed one. Its been quite busy but we have all been a bit poorly too.

It started off as usual on Monday.  Poppy went to Preschool all day whilst Rosie and I had a day at home. Whilst she was napping I did all the usual cleaning and felt quite good.

Tuesday we headed off to our usual toddler group at the School. Poppy decided she wanted to make cakes for everyone so we rushed around to make these before we left.  They did go down well though.

Wednesday Poppy was at Preschool all day so I took Rosie to a toddler group at husbands work. it was really nice as there were a few of the other wives I hadn't seen for ages. Rosie got to play whilst I got to chat and drink coffee. Husband even popped down to see us which was lovely.

We were out all morning and Rosie stayed dry again. She even used the toilet twice.  I was so proud of her! She really has done well with toilet training.

Thursday was a bit of a write off. Both Rosie and Husband were really poorly. To be honest Rosie hadn't been right for a few days but I had thought she was teething...turns out she wasn't. She developed a really nasty cough  as well as an upset tummy and was generally pretty poorly. We even had to cancel Poppy's friend coming over to play this afternoon so she wasn't happy. 

Despite being ill, having puffy eyes/nose and a nasty cough we managed to get this very cute picture of her:

Friday morning the girls seemed ok so we headed off to run our usual toddler music group. It was pretty busy and it was nice to see a friend with her little boy who hadn't been for a while and a new Mum too. I am really enjoying running the group.

By the afternoon, though Poppy, Rosie and I were all poorly. Rosie went to bed for 3 hours whilst Poppy and I curled up and watched the Disney film Tangled! Her idea and what a good one. We were all in bed at 6.30pm.

Saturday and everyone felt a little better so we decided to get out and do family things.  It started off with Poppy's ballet lesson where she wore her new tutu. I took lots of photos and a little video too:

We then had a quick stop at Sainburys where I treated her to a lovely babyccino. Then later that afternoon we headed off to China blue in Totnes where we did some pottery painting. It was a lovely day out:

Sunday was a very relaxing day and we did absolutely was lovely! None of us have been right all week so it was lovely to just have a relaxing family day. Husband did get his camera out though and gave me my first little lesson on using it, this was on of my first photos and I was quite proud of it:

Hoping this week we are all much better.

Karen x