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Friday, 1 April 2011

Reasons to be cheerful, 1,2,3


I am feeling particularly cheerful this week so thought I would join in this blog hop.

 I couldn't pick three reasons so have chosen six instead.  So (adopts the voice of Philip Schofield on Dancing on Ice), in no particular order:
  1. Its the weekend.  This means Daddy is home and we get to have family time! Since January  my Husband has been away a lot with work and even when he has been home the hours have been long (he is in the forces)!   Normality should be resumed next week but weekends and any time we are all together  has been appreciated recently.  Love you Husband and really glad you are home xx
  2. I managed an hour on the cross trainer today yippee!!  At this rate I will have a bikini body in no time!!
  3. Rosie is 9 months and this week has learnt two new words which really surprised me. "baby" was the first and then "Poppy" (her Sister's name).  Since them she has been very proud of herself and has said them both continuously but appropriately.  I didn't believe my ears at first...what a clever little thing.  Then I remembered her Sister started talking at this age too.  
  4.  Its been a gorgeous day today, the sun was shinning and I had all the windows open, letting lots of lovely fresh air in  
  5. We decided to walk to the music group instead of drive.  It took about half an hour and included a little trip on a ferry, but it was lovely....A bit hard on the way back as it involved a big hill but It made me feel really good!
  6. I have sooooo much energy.  Since Monday I have been taking some new energy boost vitamins and feel amazing
Wishing you all lots of happy thoughts and hope everyone is as cheerful as me.

Karen x


  1. I might just have to get those energy boosters myself to help me with the exertion I will need to go back to work next week.

  2. Honestly, amazing!!! I have been feeling exhausted and pretty crappy for months but all of a sudden I feel amazing!! It would be interesting to see if they work for you too. I didn't really think they would make much of a difference but they have. I am going to keep on taking them xx

  3. Hi Karen, Nice to meet you. I think it is the first time you have joined in with R2BC? Great to have you on board.

    Your week sounds good, full of fun and fitness.

    Mich x