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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Control underwear - review of Next slip

Liska over at New Mum online has recently written about some magic hold you in vests from Marks & Spencer's.  This reminded me of an item I have in my draw that I wanted to review and share with you all. It is a control slip from Next, perfect for under dresses and special occasions.

Sadly not me, its the Next Model

Now the one featured here has removable padding.  I brought mine over two years ago an it didn't have that then but other than that they are the same.  I brought it in nude for £18.  Very reasonable I thought compared to some of the other brands.

I brought it because I was going to be a bridesmaid for my Sister and had to wear a cream dress.  I also had a Christmas Ball to go and they were both only five months after having  my first baby. I was unable to really diet as I was breastfeeding so I did the best I could by eating healthily, cutting out junk food and brought one of these hoping it would do the trick.  My dress fitted but I just needed smoothing out.

When it arrived I had a few giggles with a friend because we couldn't believe that my body would fit in it.  It looked tiny. It was basically a tube that you stepped into and pulled up over your body.  It was strapless so I was a bit worried about the bra situation.  I needn't have worried.  I put it on and wiggled myself into it and the result was amazing. Even with big boobs full of milk they were held in place.  I put my dress on and felt so much better.  It had smoothed me out completely. Here is a photo of me in the dress (the baby is Poppy):

While I am larger than normal in this photo I think it hid my lumps and bumps pretty well, after all it was only five months after having a baby.

What I like about it -  I honestly think this is an amazing must have for all women's draws.  It is comfortable, supportive, does what it claims to ie smooths you out making you look better and feel more confident. It didn't look particularly unsexy either as although nude, it is a shimmery colour. I actually thought it looked nice. It was also easy to wash.

What I don't like - Its a fantastic product but only comes in black and nude.  I would like to see more color's added to the range so you can match it to your dress or outfit.  

This products scores a massive 10/10 from me.  I now use it for all the balls and parties I go to and would recommend it to others. I think I might purchase the black one next.

Karen x