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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Husband's done the shopping!

I have not been feeling my usually bubbly, happy self this weekend as I have a horrible cold. My eyes are puffy and watery, my nose keeps running and my throat is all dry and scratchy! My little girl has also been poorly for the past few days too. I thought it was her teeth but now think she has been feeling the same as me.

Anyway, I have not been very organised and forgot to do the online Sainsbury's shopping."Don't worry" said Husband "I will go". So armed with a small shopping list (we don't need much this week) off he went with Poppy to accompany him.

They were gone a while and I was starting to worry a bit...after all they only went for a few things!

Well when they returned they had much more than was on the list! Considering I have been on a high protein/ low carb diet and our little girls don't eat this sort of thing he came back with all of this (as well as the usual stuff):

Naughty Daddy!

He was very thoughtful too though and brought all of this as well:

Good Daddy!

Now he is cooking them all sausage casserole for Supper. I think I could just about manage a nice cup of tea and one of those chocolate biscuits or two!!

Karen x