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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Family days and fresh air

This weekend was a lovely sunny one so we decided to get the baby carrier and set of for a walk in the surrounding countryside:

We started off down by a river then walked through some woods.  We told Poppy we were looking for Pirates and their treasure hee hee.  Rosie was as happy as anything up on Daddy's back!

Poppy was very content to walk along and collect sticks:

There were some beautiful views to be seen:

There were lots of steps to climb.  This was Poppy after climbing down 98 steps, shortly after we had to climb another 40:

We saw a steam train:

And collected some flowers:

An enjoyable way to get the family out in the fresh air and doing some exercise. I love sunny days and fresh air... they make everyone feel a little bit happier!

Karen x