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Monday, 6 June 2011

How do Mummy's find time to exercise?

Just recently I have been asked how do I find the time to exercise with children so I have decided to write this post about it.

A few months ago I was a very tired looking, exhausted, frazzled Mummy.  I knew I wanted to shape up for the Summer and that exercise would make me feel better but I just didn't know how to fit it in.  With a baby and a toddler, a house to keep clean and a husband to look after how on earth was I going to find the time to exercise? There already were not enough hours in the day!

At the start I decided to do it while the girls were awake as I liked my rest time when they were asleep.  My Husband had brought me a cross trainer so I blogged about how I got the girls to exercise too here.  The youngest was jumping up and down in the baby bouncer, the eldest ran up and down the hall and I happily did my thing on my cross trainer.  That worked for a while until I found I had more energy and enthusiasm for exercise. It only took about a week.

My youngest still likes to have two naps a day so in the morning when she goes down at about 9.30am is the perfect time for me to exercise. The eldest will happily sit at the kitchen table with paint pens or stuff to make collages with and a bowl of fruit snacks while I do my thing.  If its warm and dry enough she plays outside.  Sometimes she will come in and if I am doing a dvd, try to copy or she might try and climb on me but generally she is pretty good!

If I don't get to do my exercise then because we are out at a group or whatever,  I do it while both girls nap in the afternoon or even the evening when they go to bed.  Nowadays I can't believe I didn't start doing it earlier as it has made me feel so much better.  I now have much more energy, am more patient and don't looks so tired.  I am also sleeping and eating better too. I think all of this makes me a much better Mummy.

So for those of you who are thinking about doing some exercise I would say just do it! Go for it.  You will feel so much better, not only about the way you look but you will have more energy to play with your children. That has got to be good!

For more information on my progress you can check out my journey here.

Karen x