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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Gallery - I'm grateful for

This weeks Gallery topic is i'm grateful for and it was inspired by Chris over at Thinly spread who is about to embark on a journey to Mozambique with Save the children.

This got me thinking. What am I grateful for? I feel like I should be saying things like fresh water, a nice house, security etc but these are all thing we take for granted in this country! For me it might seem to be the obvious but I am most grateful for my family and friends.

These include of course my beautiful little girls Poppy and Rosie.  It took a few years for us to get pregnant and at one point I was beginning to think it might never happen.  For this reason I am grateful for them every day and am very grateful that I was able to become a Mummy.

I am also grateful for my Husband.  We have been together since we were 17 so were childhood sweethearts. I love him even more every day and am looking forward to growing old together. He is my best friend and soul mate and I feel extremely lucky to have him.  He is also a fantastic hands on Daddy to our girls.

Then there are my parents. They have been great to me over the years. They have even brought my Sister and I tickets for CyberMummy...very generous! They are also fantastic doting grandparents. My girls are lucky to have them.

There is of course my Sister (Not Yet A Yummy Mummy).  Being parents together has brought us even closer and although we don't live very close we are on the phone daily.  I am currently enjoying sharing our passion for blogging and helping each other with develop our blogs.  I am really looking forward to going to Cybermumy with her.  She is a great friend as well as a Sister and I am glad my girls have each other just like we do.  She has been feeling really rotten lately due to extreme morning sickness but this photo reminds me of her personality.

I am also extremely luck to have lots of very close friends.  Due to my Husbands job, we move regularly so I have friends spread all around the world.  My very best friend is Sarah, we have known each other since we were 17 too.  She is more like a Sister than a friend and we are very close.

There are a million other things I am grateful for but without my family and friends I would not be the happy grounded  person I am today.

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Karen x