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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Husband away so Wife's been internet shopping!

Husband has been working away this week but is back tonight ...yippeee!! Anyway, whenever he goes away, I get a little bored and lonely and always end up doing a little shopping to cheer myself up. We are not  particularly loaded this month as have splashed out on some new furniture which is coming soon, so I have been making the most of the sales.

First I brought myself
New flip flops for the Summer

A pretty new dress

Then having been through Poppy's wardrobe and decided that she was in desperate need of new clothes I brought her:

Poppy seems to have had a growth spurt recently and is starting to grow out of her clothes. To be honest on closer inspection she didn't have that many clothes in 2-3, a lot of them were still 18-24 month so no wonder they don't fit! Anyway, I brought this little bundle in 3-4 years so they should fit for a while.

In total this little lot came to £70...a bargain I thought!  Debenhams have a half price sale on at the moment and have free delivery too, definitely worth checking out.

I also picked up a few dresses from Laura Ashley who had a 3 for 2 offer on.  They are absolutely gorgeous:

So that is Poppy sorted out for the summer, she still needs cardigans, underwear, nightwear etc but its her Birthday soon  so we are hoping she might get some as presssie's!  Little girls cost a fortune but their clothes are very cute.

Luckily Rosie doesn't need anything just yet as she has a wardrobe fit for a princess! I will be sorting through the clothes she has though and see what she needs for the Autumn - Winter.

I love shopping and bargains!

Karen x