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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Gallery - Dad's

These two men in my life are both fantastic Dads, the top one is my Dad who is also an amazing Gramps and the second is of course my lovely husband and Daddy to our two little girls:

Proud Gramp's with1st Grandaughter 

Proud Daddy

My Husband is a wonderful Daddy and very hands on.  When  I was pregnant first time round he was very excited and attentive.  He gave me massages almost daily so I didn't get stretch marks and really pampered me (didn't get it second time not sure why!)  You can see in this photo how excited he was.

2 weeks late and just been induced!

When both our Girls were born he was so happy and brilliant.  He has always been confident holding them and just kind of got on with what needed to be done. Because I chose to breast feed he just took over doing nappy duty (fine by me)! He also does bath time whenever he can:

Always on hand for kisses and cuddles

He loves teaching them about especially about IT and gadgets (even though they are still so young), They get stories on the ipad which they both love.  Here's him with Rosie teaching her to play the keyboard on the it:

Teaches them

It was Husband who researched all the prams and then told me which ones we needed to go and look at.  I love it that he doesn't mind that I wanted the bugaboo in Pink! He happily pushes it around everywhere:

There is so much I could write, but the most important thing is that he loves all three of his girls (me included) and we love him!!

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Karen x