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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My Little Girls Are Going To Be Fairy's

I am very excited and feeling very lucky to be getting free fairy editing from Basically, with some clever photo editing and a bit of fairy magic, they turn pictures of your little angels into something really special.  Anyone who knows me and my blog will know that I love everything girly and like my girls to wear tutus and hair bows etc, so I just know I am going to love this.

A few months ago I told My Husband that I wanted to buy a picture like this but he said, "no need to buy one, i'll do it for you".  Well he is very clever on PhotoShop and I am sure he could do it but he never has time lately and anyway I still haven't got it so I jumped at the chance of this.

All I needed to do was email over some good quality, full body shots of the girls and then they do the rest.  I had the perfect picture of Poppy but Rosie was a bit more of a problem.  The most recent shots of her are not full body, many are just of her face or she is in her pram.  I didn't really think much of it but decided that I would just take some more today.

I got Rosie up this morning and once breakfast was out of the way I dressed her in a pretty pink dress like the one her Sister was wearing in her photo. The plan was to sit her on a blanket  and take a few photos, surely one of them would be okay.  My little princess is usually very photogenic so I thought it might take about ten minutes...oh no how wrong could I be? I forgot that these days she is like a rocket!!  If she was smiling her legs weren't in it, if her body was in it, she had turned away and sometimes I even got her bottom! Anyway, to demonstrate I thought I would share some of the photos I took this morning with you:

So as you can see it took a while...about an hour in total, but we did get a few in the end which I am hoping will be okay.

Watch this space, I will share the finished article with you when it arrives!

Karen x