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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Gingerbread Men And A Lot Of Fun

This week Daddy did the shopping and came back with a whole load of treats which you can see here, amomgst the treats was a gingerbread decorating kit! No it wasn't on the shopping list but neither were all the other tasty treats he brought!

Rosie always has a nap in the morning for about 1 1/2 hours and we call this Mummy/Poppy time.  We try and do sticking, painting, gluing, play dough or cooking, all the messy things that Rosie isn't ready for yet! Anyway yesterday Poppy & I set about decorating them and had great fun.

We had lots of smarties, sugar strands and icing sugar that looked like a tube of glue and she had to concentrate very hard:

I didn't take lots of photos of her making them as I was all sticky too but here they are finished:

Next we had to eat them.  Poppy demonstrates the best way to do this.  First you have to eat all the smarties one by one:

Next you lick off all the sugar sprinkles..yummy:

Then you bite his arms off, one by one:

And then you bite his legs off so he looks like this:

Finally you get to eat the rest! so even though it wasn't something that would usually make its way into our shopping trolley, we had a really enjoyable morning and Poppy loved her tasty snack! Thank you Daddy!

Karen x