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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Listography - Decisions

I haven't joined in with listology for a while but thought I would today after seeing some of the other entries. I love lists, I like to write everything down and tick it off when it gets done.  Anyway here are my top 5 decisions that I am glad I made.

To buy a house
The year before Husband and I married we were not living together and I decided I had nothing to show for my money so it was time to join the property market and buy a house.  At first my Husband was against it as accommodation comes with his job but I was determined to do it with or without him.  Eventually he agreed and it was the best thing we have done. I love our house and although we have not lived in it for years due to moving around with his work we let it out and it looks after itself. You never know we might get back there one day!

To go to Canada for 2 years
The opportunity came up for us to go to live in Canada for two years.  At the time it was a huge decision as I am very close to my family and wanted to start a family of my own. They were all pleased for us but also upset. We did it though and I must say it was the most amazing experience and best decision we have ever made! Canada is the most beautiful country I have ever been to. We saw new things, experienced a million new experiences, had our first child, enjoyed lots of quality time together and learnt to slow down. The pace of life out there was so relaxing and material things mattered less. We would love to live out there again!

Waiting to have children
We were 28 when we got married and started trying for children straight away.  It took a few years before we decided to seek help and it turned out I had mild Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  It was five years after getting married that Poppy was finally conceived naturally and then Rosie only a year later.  I could regret waiting until I was 28 to start trying but I really do appreciate the life I had before.  I got to get lots of things out of my system.  I went to Uni, I worked my way up to be a team leader in my chosen field, I got to do lots of traveling and just enjoy being part of a couple before children came along. I am still glad I waited as now I believe I am a better mummy then I would have been then!

To start Blogging
Blogging for me has been an amazing experience and a fantastic decision. It was weird but my Sister mentioned wanting to start and I didn't think "ooh thats something I should do".  It was a few weeks later when I was chatting to a friend about our day and she told me I should write a blog that I thought maybe I should! I have only been doing it since January but the support has been wonderful.  I am enjoying writing, "chatting to other like-minded women", I have developed an interest in photography and am using all of this to record family memories.  I am also using my blog to help turn me into more of a yummy mummy by  recording my progress with weight loss and testing new beauty products. All of this is helping me to feel a bit more human again. (a few months ago I felt like a zombie on autopilot and  whose brain had turned to mash).

To start exercising again
I am feeling so much better since I started exercising again a few months ago.  Not only am I losing the baby weight, I am also growing in confidence and enjoying feeling human again. I am more energized too.  The main reason why it is working this time is I am blogging about it and have support via MUMenTUM.  I am certain I will be feeling good in shorts this summer.

So there you have it, my top decisions. To see more you should head over to kate takes five and check out the other entries.

Karen x