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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Gallery - A Trip

Tara over at Sticky fingers is having a week off this week so instead  Chelle at Chelle's Place is hosting an unofficial gallery.

As soon as I saw the title for this one I knew exactly which trip I would write about. It was the most amazing trip I have done to date.  A three week fly-drive trip to America from Canada when Poppy was just eight months old..

First we flew in San Francisco where we picked up the car.  We stayed at Fishermans Wharf  which was absolutely beautiful.  The weather was sunny and warm and we had great fun exploring all the local sights. Particular  memories for me included seeing the sea lions at Pier 39, a trip to Alcatraz Prison and almost cycling across the bridge (unfortunately Poppy didn't like the helmet they made her wear so we ended up just walking to it).

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Next we headed to off to Kings Canyon and Sequotia National Parks  to see some of the largest trees in the world.  It was  a beautiful place and the trees were huge!!  Poppy had great fun being out and about in the fresh air and we just enjoyed some quality family time together.

Next we headed down along the coast road to LA.  This was amazing and we had very mixed feelings about the place, some bits we loved and some bits we didn't.  We didn't think much to Hollywood, it was  a little bit scary (some of the people).  However, we loved Beverley Hills.  What a  beautiful amazing place that is.  I would love to live there and shop at Rodeo Drive all the time hee hee (wouldn't everyone?).  We went to Disneyland too but Poppy was far too young to enjoy it.

Next we headed on further down until we reached San Diago.  This was the highlight of our trip.  We actually got to stay at the Air Force base where Top Gun was filmed and went to The San Diago Zoo, Wildlife park and Sea World.  All of these were well worth a visit and even Poppy at eight months thoroughly  enjoyed herself. We couldn't get over how much the Americans supported the Military compared to over here.  Husband didn't have to pay to get into any of these places and I got in free to Sea World and a discount at the Zoo and Wildlife park.  It was amazing:

We then did the longest part of our drive on to Las Vegas. Again absolutely fantastic and well worth a visit. We stayed at The Bellagio which was stunning and the water fountain show was just something else. We loved Las Vegas. Its very hectic and busy, the strip is very long and full of millions of hotels each with a different theme but there is a very seedy side to it (people kept handing husband cards with offers for women on even though he was with his family -he obviously didn't take them).  d\on't let this put you off though, there were lots of people with families and children too. Its a shame the hotel didn't have some sort of babysitting service as it would have been good to see a show, but never mind!

Our hotel had the most amzing pool which we enjoyed sunning ourselves by.  The only thing on our agenda we didn't get to do was a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. We had planned to do it but Poppy had started to become scared of loud noises on this trip so we decided it wouldn't be fair to her.  We wee sorry not to do it but I don't think she would have enjoyed it and therefore we wouldn't of either:

Finally we handed back the car and flew home via San Francisco.  It really was the most memorable holiday of my life so far and proof that you can still do these sorts of things with children (just a bit differently).

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Karen x