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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Review of Atkins Wheat and Rye Crackers

Having been doing a low carb diet for about three months I was starting to fancy something a bit more substantial for the occasional lunch or snack. I discovered these at at £1.99 for 10 and  thought they looked quite good. 

When they arrived I thought "oh no what have I ordered?" they looked like they might taste like cardboard.  Also only 1 cracker is 1 serving...well 1 cracker isn't going to fill anyone up.

I use two and a bit of Dairylea light to make them look more attractive. Here they actually look quite good I think:

So what did I think?

Well to be honest that first bite is pretty awful.  It is like biting into concrete...however, if you don't break your teeth they actually tastes surprisingly alright!. I won't go as far as saying they are "nice" but I am not going to chuck mine in the bin.  In fact I have already eaten my way through one pack and still have one pack left. The thing I like about them is they left me feeling quite full. always a bonus when dieting!

What didn't I like about them?

Well they are a bit like biting into cardboard crossed with  cement.  Also I have noticed on the days following eating them, that they do have a bit of a laxative effect (maybe that is why only 1 = 1 serving).

Don't just take my word for it though or let me put you off, feel free to try them out for yourself.

Karen x