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Monday, 13 June 2011

MUMenTUM - Week 6


I woke up yesterday morning to my Husband snuggling into me and saying " wow wife you feel all skinny like you did 10 years ago!".. well if that's not enough to put a smile on my face I don't know what is? I felt good all day.

I then got the measuring tape out and got Husband to help measure me.  We did it a few months ago and I have lost almost 4 inches in total over my whole body.  While its not 4" off my waist (sadly it was only 1/2" there) I was still very excited and pleased with myself.

Its definitely a move in the right direction. Despite my Husbands words I am not skinny and not even that slim really.  I still have boobs, a tummy and thighs that have room for improvement.  However, I do look more of an hourglass shape now, which is what I used to be like. I need to keep it up though if I want to be able to wear shorts and a bikini this Summer (that has been my goal all along)!

Last week I had lost some of my enthusiasm for exercise. If truth be told, I don't think I was eating enough so was suffering from lack of energy and tiredness.  I was getting lazy and just eating lots of omelets (good on low carb diets but need more variety).  This week I have a good supply and a variety of high proetin low carb food in so I am feeling better already. I also have some low carb snacks in too.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm I did manage 2 1/2 hours on the cross trainer last week. not the usual amount but better then nothing.  I also wore my Ab toning belt too.  I am planning to publish a review on these later today so watch out for that.

This week the plan is to continue with the low carb/ high protein diet but eat more variety, do an hour of exercise a day Mon-Sat and to drink lots of water!

Watch this space next week to see how I do and don't forget to check out how the other lovely MUMenTUM ladies are doing too.

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Karen x