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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Girls day out

Today we had a lovely girls day out shopping.  I had promised if Poppy was good for a whole week we could treat her to some new crafty stuff and she really has been so off we went. First we went to the ELC where we treated Poppy to a new bumper pack of soft stuff tools and dough, a collage jar and some A3 bright card.  Rosie also got some little bells that she took a liking too and shook for the whole shopping trip with a big smile on her face.

Next we headed off to next where I treated myself to a pretty new top.  By this time the girls were starting to flag so we headed to M&S for some lunch.  They had a lovely little cafe we have not been to before which was really nice.    The girls were very well behaved and I felt really proud of them.  Little Rosie did look like she was advertising Tommee Tippee though. She had all of these:

Magic Mat

First cup

Travel bib

Before leaving the shop I quickly treated myself to some new underwear (sadly that is not me modelling it):

Then it was time to head home for a nap.  All in all a pleasant day for all.  I love my girls and days like today make me smile!

Karen x