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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Does Size Matter?

Okay so I am talking about the size of children here....nothing else!

Last week Rosie was off her food and after a few days I became quite worried - not because she wasn't eating but more that she was losing weight.

She is already pretty slim but when she was getting ready for her bath I noticed you could see all her ribs and it made me feel quite sick.  Luckily she began to eat again the next day and has since made up for being off her food.  It was scary though.

Poppy on the other hand was always a chubby baby. Although not fat she still has a little extra on her now which means when she is sick she has a bit to fall back on.

With Poppy, I always worried I was feeding her too much and have probably been more strict with her diet than I might have been if she was smaller. For example, at three and a half  she has never had chips or crisps...she thinks they are for grown ups. She doesn't have sweets.

Snacks in our house tend to be fresh fruit, dried fruit, yoghurt raisins, bread sticks or rice cakes. Very occasionally she might be allowed a packet of chocolate buttons or cakes/cookies if we make them at home. However, looking at her you wouldn't believe it.

The girls eat the same as us, normal family meals, with fruit, yoghurt , rice pudding or the occasional bit of ice cream! Both have good appetites and are not that fussy. I would say that Rosie eats more than Poppy though.

So does it matter at this age what size they are? Surely the important thing is that they eat a healthy balanced diet? How big are your children and do you worry that they are too big or too small?

Karen x