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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Growing Up - How Fast Is Too Fast?

Children come in all different shapes and sizes: some walk quicker than others, while some talk quicker and some stay looking like babies for longer. 

I have two little girls who are very tall for their ages  with lots of hair. Poppy is only 31/2 but looks about five and Rosie is as tall as all the two tear old's we know, despite being only 18 months!  They both talk really well for their ages too. This means adults and other children often think they are much older than they are.

Okay, so I am not one of those Mums that baby their children. I got rid of bottles at 13 months, toilet trained at 18 months and never used baby talk. Instead I talk to them both properly, teaching them the words for everything from the start.

However, I do try to keep them looking young and like little girls by dressing them in pretty little dresses and putting their hair in bunches or bows. What else can I do? They are not babies, they are little girls and they are growing up quickly!

Why then do I feel as though I am always apologising for the size they are or how grown up they are? Am I the only Mum that feels like this? Surely the most important think is that they are happy, healthy and confident little girls.

Karen x