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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Update On School Situation and A Bit Of Blackmail

You may have read my post on Tuesday: Separation Anxiety? about how we have been having a hard time when we drop Poppy off at School.

Having never done it before, she was upset for three days in a row, crying hysterically when I left but being okay 20 seconds after I had gone. The Teacher and I were very concerned and went through everything it could be including a Teacher/ support staff member upsetting her or another child. There didn't appear to be anything!

The only thing she did mention was that she does not want milk at snack time any more as she doesn't like it cold.  This did not surprise me as she wont drink cold milk at home either always wanting it warmed slightly. I discussed it with her Teacher a few days ago and since then she has been having water whilst the other children have milk.

I was really lucky to be left these links here, here and here to read from a fellow blogger The Moiderer on coping with similar behaviour. I read them gratefully and sat down yesterday ready to talk to Poppy. She kept saying nothing was wrong so armed with a pad and paper I tried to do a social story and explore her behaviour.

I had only just started when she said "Stop Mummy!, I know what you are doing and nothing is wrong". She told me she likes the other children and her Teachers, no one has upset her, she just misses me! I thought about it and talked to Husband and we decided she is probably craving attention. Being pregnant and a little tired, this made sense.

We decided to try another tactic.....blackmail!

Today we told Poppy if she was good and did not cry this morning she would get a sticker and we would make chocolate brownies together while Rosie is napping in the afternoon.  So did it work?.....

..It certainly did. She went into School with a smile on her face and excitedly told her Teacher she wasn't going to cry this morning so she would get a Peppa Pig sticker and make chocolate brownies later. Her Teacher was great and got excited with her and I managed to get out of the room with no tears...phew!

Looks like it it is just an attention thing then and nothing too serious.

I decided that maybe I have been a little tired lately and have not done as much as I usually do with her. We therefore had great fun making the brownies together this afternoon:

Making these yummy looking treats:

Poppy enjoyed a glass of pink milk with hers while I had a coffee...delicious! A real treat.

Next we did some sticking:, I emptied the art jar and let her glue and stick to her hearts content:

We also played tea parties with a little china tea set and did a few jigsaw puzzles.

We both enjoyed a lovely afternoon and Poppy enjoyed having quality Mummy/Poppy time. I am sure it did her the world of good and it made me realise I have been a bit lazy lately.

Thursday afternoons used to always be Mummy/Poppy time but we haven't been doing this since Christmas...I guess because I have been a lot more tired. Its so easy to let her play independently or put the TV on so I can rest but I am going to make sure we get back into it again.

Watch this space for lots more creative posts on Thursdays and lets hope that's the end of her being upset when she gets dropped off at Preschool.

Karen x