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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Saturdays Are Ballet Days

Poppy has been doing ballet for a year now and absolutely loves it. At three she is not graceful yet but she does not stop dancing all day long. She spends day after day pointing her toes whilst spinning and twirling with her arms above her head:

She loves getting dressed up and has a range of pretty tutus to wear. Since doing a show at Christmas she now asks for a bun in her for her lessons too:

She really does enjoy it and now has some ballerina stories which we have to read each evening.  Its lovely seeing her enjoy something which is good for her too.  At the start she used to run around the room giggling with her friends but now she listens, concentrates and tries really hard:

I think you can see from these photos how much she enjoys it.

Rosie can often be found trying to copy her big Sister so I think she might like to try it when she is a bit bigger too.

Karen x